David Orser

Responsibilities and Interests

  • Teaching
  • ECE Lab Coordinator
  • Outreach
  • Engineering Education Research

Favorite Organizations


Curriculum Vitae

  • EE1301 IoT Showcase
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    Every semester we hold an IoT Showcase where students from EE1301 show off their Internet of Things creations. Join us and see what is possible on Thursday 12/12 from noon to 3 pm. Watch Video

  • Outreach - UotP + FIRST
    Outreach - UotP + FIRST

    Nothing beats teaching a middle school student to solder for the first time or building Robot Wheel Chairs out of PowerWheelTM toys! See how students of all ages can use technology and engineering to make the world a better place. Click to learn more about University on the Prairie, FIRST Robotics, and Team 2987 - Rogue Robotics, and GoBabyGo!

  • hPbL and Experiential Course Development
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    I develop and enhanced CSE and ECE curriculum with student-driven projects that motivate students to exercise the core skills and theory learned in class


My responsibilities for the ECE department include teaching, laboratory curriculum development, and outreach. My most recent courses include basic circuit theory (EE 3005/6) and introductory programming courses (EE 1301 and CSE 1012). I am responsible for the 1xxx to 3xxx laboratory courses in ECE. Generally, this includes lab manual development, coordinating TAs, and supporting students with innovative programs like the Peer Assistant Program. I also work on STEM outreach and research into Engineering Education.

Courses Taught

  • EE 1301 -- Intro to Computing Systems
  • CSE 1012 -- Project-based Inquiry (/w Microcontrollers)
  • EE 3005 -- Fundamentals EE (for non-majors)
  • EE 5980 -- Teaching Instruction Seminar

Lab Curriculm Developments

  • CSE 1012 -- Project-based Inquiry : 3DP /w Microcontrollers
  • EE 1301 -- Intro to Computing Systems : IoT Module
  • EE 2301 -- Intro Digital Design
  • EE 2361 -- Intro Microcontrollers
  • EE 3006 -- Fundementals of EE Lab (for non-majors)
  • (in development) EE 2015 -- Signals Circuits Electronics I (under Emad Ebbini)
  • (in development) EE 2115 -- Signals Circuits Electronics II (under Emad Ebbini)
  • EE 2361 - Peer Assistant Program

Outreach Efforts

  • University on the Prarie (UotP)
  • FIRST Robotics - Team 2987 - Rogue Robotics
  • University of Minnesota Solar Vehicle Project (UMNSVP) - Advisor

Engineering Education Research - Publications

Francis, L., Orser, D. J., Bazargan, K., Mantell, S., Feinberg, J. M., Holmes, R. J., “Engaging First-Year Students with a Hands-On Course using Student-Driven Projects”, 2019 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition - First-Year Programs Division. https://peer.asee.org/32718 

Orser, D., Bazargan K., Sartori, J., “Harnessing State of the Art Internet of Things Labs to Motivate First-Year Electrical and Computer Engineering Students”, 2018 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition - ECE Division. https://peer.asee.org/30571